Customs clearance issues

If you are moving home, relocating for work or returning to Ukraine you are likely to have to pack your life into cardboard boxes and have them shipped to your new residency in Ukraine. As strenuous as the removal shipment can be, customs clearance issues might require from you even greater efforts. No doubt, for such a big step you need a reliable partner.

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Before you start packing, you have to ascertain that everything you are planning to take or bring with you is allowed by Ukrainian laws. According to Ukrainian customs regulations, personal belongings and household items can be imported duty-free provided that all supporting documents have been duly prepared. However, sufficient experience and knowledge of the customs procedures are required in order to avoid confusion, delays, penalties or seizure.

Our services include

  • Customs clearance
  • Assistance in importing your personal belongings
  • Customs brokerage

Our Lawyers And Experts Can

help you with any customs clearance issue that might arise along the way. We offer customs brokerage and full assistance in customs clearance and importing your personal belongings. You will no longer need to search your way through an array of complicated customs regulations; we will take the weight of your shoulders and ensure that your customs experience is positive and straightforward.

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