Set up a company in Ukraine

Establishing a company overseas is no mean feat. It requires careful analysis of the country’s economic and legal environment, but beyond this it often needs intricate solutions. At Belkovy law firm, we give you the insights you need to launch the company that prospers.

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Once a decision about setting up a company in Ukraine has been made, you will need someone to help guide you through the country’s legal and tax systems. Moreover, it is essential that you draw up a comprehensive business plan and choose the right legal structure for your company. When it comes to setting up a business abroad, any lack of information could mean staking your time and money on a venture that might not succeed.

We will help you with

  • Business planning
  • Setting up the right legal structure for your business
  • Providing information about your financial, accounting and tax obligations
  • Choosing the appropriate business activities and the tax system
  • Company registration
  • Private entrepreneur registration

In Addition

red tape and a myriad of bureaucratic issues are nothing but frustrating. Undoubtedly, it will not let you put your mind at rest. That’s why we are here to back you up. Our lawyers will assist you in getting started as a business in Ukraine and ensure that everything is done in compliance with Ukrainian legal regulations. You can rest assured that you are in good hands.

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